Is a Contract for Air Conditioning Service in Bay Hill FL a Good Idea?

For the most part, your residential air conditioner works fine. Now and then, there is the need for some type of repair. The expert from the local Air Conditioning Service Bay Hill FL has mentioned the idea of a service contract before, but you brushed it aside. Now may be a good time to give the idea of a contract a second thought. Here are some reasons why.

Regular System Checks

An agreement for Air Conditioning Service Bay Hill FL means that a professional will be out to check your system on a regular basis. That includes one complete check each year, and then two or three other checks on the major elements during the remaining months of the contract. This type of support makes it easier to spot issues in the early stages and correct them before they develop into major problems.

Discounts on Service Calls and Other Things

Choosing to have a service agreement in place will entitle you to discounts on all sorts of service and support. Depending on the terms of the contract, you’ll get a few free service calls during the coverage year. If a repair is needed, there’s a good chance that the contract terms will entitle you to a discount on the parts and the labor required. It only takes one major repair to justify the annual cost of maintaining the contract.

The provisions may also stipulate that you can get free support after hours. Since many services do charge higher rates for coming out at night or on the weekend, this perk will come in handy if the unit stops working during the hottest weekend in August.

Call today and arrange to take with a representative at Apple Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. about the benefits of securing a service contract. After you take a look at the range of benefits provided, choosing to enter into the agreement will be the easiest decision you’ve made in a long time.