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Freon is the cooling agent that is widely used in almost all AC units. For the air conditioner to function properly, the refrigerant has to cool air that passes through the unit. Often times, Freon leaks and this can get messy. It lowers the efficiency of the unit. You would, then, need to call in the HVAC professionals who handle air conditioner repair Orlando FL.

Check for Freon leakage if the AC unit is blowing hot air or water is dripping from the air conditioner, or if the evaporator coil inside the AC unit is frozen.

You should avoid handling Freon by yourself as it is a toxic agent. All inspections and repair works are better left to be handled by qualified and reputable HVAC contractors.

Causes of Freon Leakages

One of the major causes of Freon leak is the corrosion of copper tubing in the unit. Most of the internal tubes are made of copper, which reacts to the formaldehyde in your home.

When copper tubes come in contact with formaldehyde, it begins to erode gradually. Over a period of time, it deteriorates and develops tiny pinholes through which the Freon leaks.

This can lead to extensive damages in the system, and you may have to spend a lot for the repair works. Freon leaks can also occur if the copper tubing is thin. Thinner tubes erode more readily than others, and leaks become more frequent. The quality of the tubes depends on the manufacturer.

Faulty equipment installations increase chances of Freon leakage like, for example, the technician skips on properly soldering the connections with nitrogen.

This is why it is crucial to hire qualified and experienced companies for air conditioner repair Orlando FL. If the air conditioner has been damaged in any way; if the components within are faulty or broken, it can affect the copper tubing and cause Freon leakages.

How to Prevent Freon Leaks

Freon leaks from corrosion can be avoided if the AC unit carries aluminum tubing instead of copper. Aluminum is naturally resistant to formaldehyde. As such, the chemical will not have any adverse effect on the tubing.

AC manufacturers have been using copper tubing in air conditioner units for several decades. However, many companies have now begun to realize the efficiency of aluminum in avoiding Freon leaks, and have started to incorporate the metal in newer models.

If the tubing in your air conditioner needs to be replaced, you can ask the technician whether they can use aluminum instead of copper.

When buying an air conditioner, check the unit to make sure there are no manufacturing defects. Installation of the system and any repairs are best left to professionals like Apple Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. who have been known to offer high-quality air conditioner repairs Orlando FL. 

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