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AC installation requires a significant amount of investment. People are likely to shell out a few thousand dollars for the whole process. The good news is that most contractors provide their customers with financing options especially with commercial HVAC services and new construction. With low monthly payments, the project no longer feels as intimidating. If you have ever wondered why installation costs as much as it does, then here is a breakdown of its major elements:

Unit Cost

The unit itself is responsible for about half of the expenses. Choose an affordable system if you want to reduce your payments. Window-type air conditioners tend to go for less than their equivalent mini split models. The good news is that these have extremely long warranties that last for up to 10 years. That is reassuring guarantee that the system will perform as intended for such a great length of time, making the capital investment worth every cent. Some units last even longer than this because of regular maintenance.

Labor Cost

The other half of the expenses will come from the labor cost. The technicians will be working on the installation for the entire day and sometimes multiple days for complex systems. Their time and expertise will require just compensation. A split system, for instance, will have to get the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser installed separately. A ducting hole has to be cut on the wall for the air to pass through. The piping then has to be connected, secured and concealed. Everything has to be meticulously planned and executed.

Material Cost

A small portion of the funds will go to the acquisition of materials which will be used in the AC installation. These may include the mounting brackets, fittings, fasteners, and the like. Good quality is essential to ensure that they last as long as the unit while providing them with adequate support. If you need a new construction commercial HVAC system, then call Apple Air Conditioning and Heating for reliable service.

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