Apple Air Conditioning & Heating Inc supplies fantastic services and products to the community of Winter Garden and the surrounding areas. We are focused on our customers and the relationships which we forge with them. Our reputation is outstanding and we have worked tirelessly to please our customers in every possible way.

Why Choose Us

Apple Air Conditioning & Heating Inc are the kind of company who don’t simply talk about service, we personify it in every way. We are continuously developing and progressing in our service and customer relationships.

Our staff is qualified, well-trained and polite in disposition. We serve our customers in a courteous manner at all times and will deliver nothing short of good, honest, professional service.  Our staff are quick to respond to any problems and will certainly not leave you waiting for them for hours on end.

We offer promotions and specials as a way of thanking the community for supporting us. Our rebate offers are really something that anybody would be happy about. We offer convenient, cost-effective maintenance plans which allow our customers to rest assured about their equipment always being kept in the best condition possible and always being functioning properly for them.

Solar Ready Systems

We are all aware of the rising cost of electricity and we are all aware that using an air conditioner on those hot and steamy Summer days will have us a little hot under the collar when the bill arrives. The main aim of installing your cooling system in the first place is to keep your environment at a comfortable, fresh temperature for the enjoyment and comfort of your family.

We have the perfect solution. Solar ready systems are the answer to that dread and despair you feel when the electric bill arrives in the post. Solar ready systems are units which harness their power from the sun during the daylight hours.

Enjoy cool, fresh, comfort without the shock at the end of the month.

Call Apple Air Conditioning & Heating Inc today and take the shock out of your electric bill. Our friendly and helpful staff are waiting to build strong relationships with you, based on mutual respect. (407)654-3777.