Residents of Bay Hill, FL, have many options to choose from as far as HVAC providers go. This is because there are hundreds of service providers in the area. That’s why it is important for local residents to take their time to find a firm that can meet the needs and expectations. When looking for a suitable HVAC contractor to install a new heating or cooling system, maintain existing HVAC equipment or carry out repairs on these systems, you should only shortlist firms that are licensed, insured and bonded. These are the basic requirements. Next, you should look for a firm with factory-trained technicians who have all the relevant industry certifications. Pricing, industry experience and quality of customer service are also important considerations. In that regard, Apple Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc., meets all the above-mentioned requirements.

Why Choose Apple AC & Heating?

Many firms can meet the requirements mentioned above, but Apple AC offers much more. We focus on building customer relationships and providing award-winning services. Our technicians know that every problem has a solution, so they will work tirelessly to ensure your heating/cooling system works flawlessly to meet your home comfort needs.

We offer effective maintenance services for all kinds of HVAC equipment to improve their performance, efficiency and lifespan. If your system is old, but not yet due for a replacement, we can give it an upgrade by installing a programmable thermostat, which will not only improve home comfort, but also help to lower your energy bills. As a full-service HVAC contractor, we also offer convenient maintenance contracts to ensure your HVAC system provides you with optimal home comfort at all times. Furthermore, we offer affordable financing to all our clients. We can also advise and help you qualify for different types of rebates, which can significantly cut your costs. Call us today to schedule a service if you need the best residential HVAC services Bay Hill FL.