Heater Tune-up in Winter Garden, Orlando, Kissimmee, FL, and Surrounding Areas

The best way to prepare for the cold months of the year is to service your heating system. Heating tune-up is the process of inspecting the heating system for problems, replacing worn out parts, lubricating moving parts and repairing any damage to ensure the heater, whether it’s a boiler or central air heating system, performs with the utmost efficiency. Heater Tune-up can only be offered by professionals who are certified to do the job as well as experienced in heater tune up. Apple AC & Heating Inc. meets all these requirements.

Heater Tune-up Process

As mentioned earlier, Heater Tune-up starts with a thorough inspection of the system. Our technicians will start by checking the area around the furnace for soot. This will tell them whether or not the furnace burns fuel efficiently. The color of the flame is the next item on the list to be checked. A yellow unsteady flame is an indication of poor combustion. During the tune-up process, this problem can be remedied by cleaning or servicing the burner. The technicians will also use a CO detector to check the area for carbon monoxide gasses. The condition of the chimney will also be checked to ensure that exhaust fumes do not leak into the house.Heater Tune-Up

At Apple AC, we have been offering heater tune-up services for over 20 years, so we know what to do. Our technicians are well-trained and fully equipped to clean every part of the heating system, including the fan blades on the blower. This is meant to remove carbon deposits and other impurities that may have found their way into the furnace. The condition of the fan belt will also be checked and a replacement installed if necessary. To help reduce the noise produced by the furnace and reduce wear and tear, our technicians will lubricate all moving parts. Electrical connections will also be fastened and damaged parts replaced before the furnace can be reassembled and restarted. Call us today for an effective heating tune up in your home or business premises.

Apple Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. wants to help you with your Heater Tune-Up in Winter Garden, Orlando, Kissimmee, FL, and the Surrounding Areas. To schedule an Furnace tune-up appointment with us, or for further information, call us today!