Furnace replacement in Winter Garden, Florida

According to energystar.gov, about 30% of the average American family’s household energy bill goes to heating. While checking for other ways to increase efficiency around the home can help, a newer high-efficiency furnace will save you from lost money on heating bills and maintenance costs for an older heater. Here are some of the telltale signs that let you know your current heater is wasting you money and it’s time for furnace replacement.

It’s over 16 years old

Most furnaces last 16-20 years, at 16 there may be more efficient models that you could save more by replacing. You might want to start shopping sooner to help avoid making a last minute decision on such a big ticket item. Starting the process sooner will give you time to make the best decision. We can help you check for other ways to make your home more efficient like sealing air ducts, which can allow you to purchase a smaller, more inexpensive system, than if you replace your furnace in a rush.

The Pilot Flame Looks Yellow

A healthy pilot flame should have a blue flame and a small amount of yellow at the tip. If most of the flame appears yellow, you and your family may be in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors working in your home, but call us right away. Other signs of carbon monoxide escaping your furnace are lines of soot around your furnace, excess moisture around windows, and water leakage or rust around pipes and chimneys.

Furnace replacement in Winter Garden, Florida

Your Bills Are Too High

Don’t wait for costs to continue to rise if you’re noticing your energy bills going up each month. Older units get more inefficient as time goes on, especially if they are not properly maintained. You may also want to check if you are replacing filters often enough. Furnace filters should be replaced every one to three months.

You’re needing to Repair More and More

Repairs add up quickly. One or two repairs quickly adds up to the cost of simply replacing the unit. In the long-run, it’s much better to replace an older unit and start reaping energy savings than continually emptying your pockets for repairs. By hiring us, you can rest assured your new heating system is installed properly and avoid extra, unnecessary repairs caused by improper installations.

Heating is Uneven around the Home

You feel like you’re in a hot desert in one room, while your bathroom is freezing. If this sounds familiar, your system’s inefficiency is probably causing you a lot of inconvenience adjusting the thermostat trying to get comfortable.

Apple Air Conditioning and Heating Specializes in Furnace replacement in Winter Garden, Florida. We will help you find the furnace that fits your home’s needs and provides you the best heating for your money.

Checking for these red flags can help you avoid wasting money. We want to help you save more and enjoy warm comfort all through this cold winter season. Call us today at 407-654-3777 and we will help you decide if it’s time for furnace replacement. We’re locally owned and operated right here in Winter Garden, Florida.