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One of the largest expenses that people have today is their air conditioning expenses. Hot summer days often cause the electric bills to skyrocket. The increase in the bill gets worse when the consumer’s home does not have the proper amount of insulation. Some customers have to pay phone bills that add up to several hundred dollars. You should consider purchasing a solar AC system in Winter Garden, FL if you are a customer that suffers from high cooling bills.

About Solar-Ready Systems

Solar AC systems are state-of-the-art cooling units that allow you to use the sun to power your device during sunlight hours. They are machines that manufacturers built with your struggle in mind. You can run your solar ready AC system during the hours that are hottest and require the most energy. The following month’s energy bill should be significantly different from the ones you have been experiencing.

Differences in AC Systems

The air conditioning units differ significantly in SEER score, features and design. The SEER rating is a rating that measures the unit’s energy efficiency. A unit with a high rating has a high energy efficiency capability. The highest SEER rating that a unit can have is a rating of 23.

Lennox Cooling Products

Lennox has some amazing solar-ready units that have five-star ratings from consumers. Two of the most popular models are the SL18XC1 and the XC21. The XC21 has a SEER score of 21, and it can reduce energy bills by as much as 50 percent. Some of the features of the unit are features such as the dehumidification system and the SilentComfort technology that allows it to run with the utmost level of quietness. Consumers have given it perfect score almost all the way across the board. You may want to try purchasing one of these units in the near future.

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