Solar Powered AC in Florida

Florida is fondly known as the Sunshine State, but all the sun can make the temperature unbearable in the summer. The heat can be neutralized with a properly functioning A/C unit, but the unit also causes a significant spike in the electric bill. Fortunately, a solar powered unit makes it easy to stay cool without spending a fortune on power. Many of these units are already prepared to run without the use of electricity from the moment they’re connected. They can help to save money and on the heating and cooling bill while simultaneously preserving the environment.

Do Solar Air Conditioners Lake Mary FL Work at Night

Most of these units are actually hybrid powered and capable of running on electricity as well. The residents of some places don’t need to run their A/C’s at night but Floridians aren’t so fortunate. The unit can use electricity at night and on days when clouds restrict the sunlight. However, most people will see their heating and cooling costs reduced by an average of 50%. In the future, we might see units that can store the sun’s energy in batteries or capacitors. For now, we have solar units that use electricity when sunlight is insufficient.

Reducing Your Footprint

As people witness the undeniable climate change, many of us have become more concerned with the planet’s well being. Most electric companies’ burn coal for power and coal is nearly as harmful as fossil fuels. There are traditional heat pumps that function from solar power but these aren’t the only sun powered options. There are also fans and exhaust systems that run on solar energy. Best of all, qualifying home owners can receive a tax credit when they use solar powered technology. Solar air conditioners Lake Mary FL also help the US move towards a foreign oil independent future.