If you are looking for AC Installation Service Altamonte Spring FL, we are just a phone call away. Our experts at Apple Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. will not only install your new unit, but also share with you tips and techniques for power saving and longer life of the new unit.

Once your air conditioning unit is satisfactorily installed, here are a few ideas for maintenance.

Change the filters: After a season, if the filter has dirt and dust on it, the ac will consume more power and run harder to blow cool air into the room. This will obviously increase electricity bills and decrease the life of the unit. Better get these filters cleaned and if necessary replaced.

Check refrigerant: Refrigerant is that air-cum-gas that helps in cooling process. If the refrigerant has dried out or is leaking, you need to either recycle it or restore the lost quantity. In such situations, better call the technicians. Low cooling gives you the hint that the unit is running short on refrigerant.

Clean the condenser: The condenser is generally kept outside the room. It may be clogged by leaves, debris or other things. You should clean it regularly and keep a regular watch on it to prevent any malfunctioning.

Insulation of the room: It is not just the air conditioning unit that maintains the temperature inside the room. Proper insulation is a major factor because if the cool air inside the room leaks from cracks, you would feel as if the AC is not functioning. On the other hand, the AC unit would work harder to maintain the temperature and in turn consume more power. Thus, if the room is not insulated properly, the electricity bill and ac maintenance charges would burn a hole in your pocket.

Finally, all electronic devices right from computers to lights emit heat. When not in use, shut them down.