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Going Green

When it comes to indoor comfort, every homeowner wants their HVAC system to provide the perfect balance of optimum temperature control, enhanced indoor air quality, and maximum energy savings, coupled with dependable and reliable operation.

Today more and more homeowners want their HVAC system to be environmentally friendly or "green"

As a leading HVAC sales and service company, our team at Apple shares the same quality, comfort, economical, and environmental goals as homeowners. Since the first day of operation, we have been focused on delivering high-quality heating and cooling products that deliver outstanding comfort, money-saving efficiency ratings, and durable systems that are refreshingly affordable. We also care about the environment! Here’s how we approach being green.

Green Efforts

At Apple, we incorporate the same practices that we encourage customers to follow, including regular preventative maintenance, filter changes and programmable thermostats that allow us to reduce energy consumption and improve air quality. We also recycle materials from job sites.

Community Impact

Apple AC is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and are currently working toward LEED certification. We are also a service provider for the Sierra Club Green Check, and support trustees of the West Orange Chamber of Commerce.

Eco Inspiration

For Apple, going “green” starts on a personal level. We feel fortunate that we are in an industry that allows us to educate and promote practices that will significantly reduce adverse environmental impacts. We also offer the best product selection, including those that are energy efficient and built with the environment in mind.

Apple AC Going Green

Want to Know More About Energy Efficiency? Learn about SEER.





SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio”. 

SEER Ratings indicate the efficiency of HVAC products. The efficiency of central air conditioning units is governed by U.S. law and regulated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The SEER is defined as the total cooling output (in British thermal units or Btu) provided by the unit during its normal annual usage period divided by its total energy input (in watt-hours) during the same period. The higher the seer the more efficient the unit is.

Apple AC Going Green

How efficient thinking adds up to big savings.

Heating and cooling can account for more than half of your home’s total utility bill. So, when looking for ways to cut your energy costs, be sure to think about a high-efficiency system. High-efficiency systems are easily identified by reading the yellow-and-black EnergyGuide label found on the equipment.